They are committed to establishing a school environment that allows our students to develop and grow into intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually mature beings.St. William's School belongs to the Presentation Group of Schools managed and run by Presentation Congregation of Sisters, Church Park. This Congregation was started in Ireland in 1775 by Venerable Nano Nagle.Students who have passed out of our portals have spread their wings far and wide and around the world establishing themselves according to their unique calling in different walks of life.

History of Nano Nagle

"The servant of God" Nano Nagle the founder of the Presentation Congregation was made "Venerable" by Pope Francis on October 31st 2013. Speaking on this great occasion sister Mary Dean, our congregational Leader said: "We are delighted with the news. By proclaiming Nano Nagle as Venerable the universal Church has recognized Nano as a woman of faith, hope and heroic virtue whose vision and work transformed the lives of so many. For our Sisters, Associates and Friends of Nano throughout the world Nano has been and continues to be a source of inspiration and challenge as we respond to the needs of today in fidelity to the Gospel and in the spirit of Nano."

Nano Nagle was born in Ballygriffin, in Cork, Ireland in 1718, a turbulent time in Irish history due to the penal laws. The Nagle family was a wealthy Catholic family and Nano had the benefit of a European education and privileged life style. She was assured of a comfortable future. But Nano heard the call of God in the cry of the poor, condemned as they were to ignorance, superstition and loss of faith. Conscious of her own weakness she resisted the call but after much suffering and soul searching Nano responded to God. Having discovered that way of life she was dauntless in her response which was lived out in her whole hearted dedication to the cause of Catholic education and to the relief of misery and social ills wherever she discovered them.

Nano believed that education was a powerful means of transforming society and hence at great personal and family risk, She began her mission among the poor in the "Little School" in Cove Lane, Cork in 1754. In setting up schools in defiance of the established colonial order she sided with those made poor and challenged the institutional injustice that perpetuated marginalization and poverty. Nano responded to the needs of her time and developed an educational curriculum suitable to the individual capabilities of her students. Hers was a Global vision. Nano wrote to a friend in 1769: "For I can assure you that my schools are beginning to be of service to a great many parts of the world, and my views are not for one object alone. If I could be of service in saving souls in any part of the globe, I would willingly do all in my power."

Nano's words proved to be prophetic as her efforts led to the introduction of a network of schools across Ireland and the world. The Presentation Sisters came to India in the year 1842. Their labour in the Indian mission field have borne visible and abundant fruit. During the first hundred years, schools, dispensaries and hospitals in Tamil Nadu, Goa, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharastra and Bihar were set up. In the later years a new dimension was added to the Presentation Mission, as sisters began to minister in rural areas and city slums.

To this day presentation sisters and friends of Nano across the world remain committed to working with those most in need through a broad range of ministries, which include spirituality and faith formation, lifelong learning and innovation, social inclusion and outreach, human rights and justice, ecology and sustainable living and healthcare projects. You are part of this noble cause.

In the spirit of our founder Nano Nagle, the task of the Presentation school today is to accompany the students to discover the light within them and share it with others; to make them God - centered and other person - centered; to enable them to be responsible citizens in the world of our times and play their unique role in the transformation of society.

History of St. William's School

Vision statement of presentation schools

The policy of education in Presentation Schools derives from the life of love and mercy of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospel. In particular it is derived from the life of dedication of Nano Nagle, founder of the congregation. Education in the spirit of the Gospel and Nano Nagle encompasses the development of growing consciousness of the human dignity and right of every person. This enables persons to live in fellowship and mutual helpfulness. Our concern is for all God's people within the local community where the school is situated and especially for those of the Christian faith and those deprived in any way. Education also includes the development of knowledge and skill enabling a person to be a loyal citizen and lead a peaceful and just life in this world In this way God's plan for His world may be realized and humankind attains eternal life in god.

Mission statement of Presentation Schools